31.08.2012 The travels of the Europe Senior Tourism are back  


On October 1st begins a new travelling season of the popular program "Europe Senior Tourism".

The first trips of this new season have their destination to the Costa del Sol, at the province os Málaga. To this location, be added shortly the trips to the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, completing an excellent holiday experience.

The travels season will run the end of April 2013 and will benefit from more than 24,000 Central European travelers.

03.01.2012 Spain European senior continues going for the tourism  


In spite of the crisis that concerns to Europe, Spain continues going for the senior tourism, giving the opportunity to European citizens proceeding from Poland, Romania, Bulgaria or Czech Republic -among other countries- of enjoying their vacations in Spain.

The governmental subsidy to these trips, not only allows to these European citizens to know different Spanish destinations, but also it contributes to adjust the tourism, since these trips are realized in low season.

Pressing this link, we can see a group of Polish travelers spending their vacations in the Costa del Sol.

In the second phase of the Europe Senior Tourism programme, which will take place in the spring of 2012, foresees the senior tourists' arrival, proceeding, most of them, from Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.

23.12.2011 Andalusia rejects to apply a rate to the Tourism, for considering it counterproductive  


The Government of Andalusia has rejected the possibility of applying in the region the measure of a tourist rate, which would tax with a daily quantity of between one and three euros the tourists' stays in hotels, campings and cruises.

According to the councillor of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the region, Luciano Alonso, this rate to the tourism would be "counter-productive", because it damages so much the interests of the businessmen of the sector as those of the customers. In this respect, it has demonstrated that Andalusia "does not want to punish the tourists to whom we invite to come and not to be able tax any more the businessmen who are doing so much effort in this crisis ".

Apart from that, he has assured that it is "inadvisable to apply a tax of this type that generates so much dissatisfaction and, especially, to pay without the support of the industry and of the citizens".

Alonso has gone beyond and has remembered that this application is also "inopportune" in the current moment, provided that it can suppose a "brake" to the growth, "just now that the sector is giving samples of recovery".

About the repercussions of the new rate for the final customer, the Andalusian councillor indicated that this measure "is going to tax more those people who stay not only more time, but also in establishments of major category". Nevertheless, he has emphasized also that it can impede the expansion of segments that are on the increase as the cruises, which is living a specially sweet moment in the Mediterranean ports.

In the same terms, he has referred to other segments more consolidated, as the Sun and Beach, "since it is vacation and the hotels have the longest stays, with what the customers will have to pay an important quantity of money, more than they planned initially", and also that can suppose a comparative damage for the businessmen compared to other regions.

AndalusiaThe coasts of Andalusia differ for his thin sands and crystalline waters.
Balearic IslandsIts beautiful landscapes and lovely beaches do of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza one of the most attractive destinations of the Mediterranean.
Region of ValenciaThe Costa Blanca, Valencia and Castellón show the greatness of the Mediterranean landscape, marked by sea and mountains.

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