Coast of Almeria

Coast of Almeria
Euroseniors gives an exclusive and cared leisure offer at the destination, including optional visits to the most representative places in each island, as well as to its best shows.

Information about the guided tours in destination
Europe Senior Tourism offers a daily entertainment programme at the hotel, with an excellent variety of activities in a very wide range of disciplines, as gymnastics, hiking, aim games included on health programme, cultural walking in surroundings, documentary showing to understand the local culture, dancing classes; live contests for encouraging an interest in participation, handicraft workshops, shows in live, night music... All these activities carried out by professional entertainers at the hotels, during the mornings, evenings and nigths.

Description of entertainment activities
The Coast of Almería opens itself to the Mediterranean Sea, with its diverse landscape: desert in a few zones, flood of cultures in others, mountainous and with rocky beaches or with dunes; and it offers us a wide range of possibilities for the enjoyment and the leisure. This coast is known by his climate, beaches, sports ports, natural places and for the historical vestiges that do of this coast one of the most attractive of the Mediterranean. Synonymous of tourist excellence, many of its beaches possess the blue flag, which guarantees the safety and the quality of its waters. It possesses one of the best tourist offers (hotels, restaurants, zones of leisure, etc.) of the Andalusian coast, where the visitor will find, besides the Sun and beach, a pleasant and charming environment. The streets, with its white houses and adorned with flowers and Moorish details, offer to the tourist unsurpassable atmosphere for his vacations.
Near Almería, the visitor will be able to contemplate one of the world jewels of the architecture and the art like the Alhambra and the Gardens of the Generalife, in the neighboring Granada. If we like the nature, the Nature Reserve of Cape of Gata-Níjar and the spectacular region of the Alpujarras will use as setting to delight the sight and the senses. To contemplate architecture and culture, almost any place is good, specially Guadix and Najar. The beaches and the Western village will do the delights of the most accustomed tourists. Also it is possible to visit Camponuevo, the most modern agricultural intensive plantations of Spain.
Thanks to its strong tourist infrastructure, on the Coast of Almería, we can taste any type of international cooking. Nevertheless, if what the visitor wants is to taste the local dishes of the region, nothing better that to begin for an Andalusian ‘tapeo’, with suggestions as the loin, the seafood, the potatoes to the poor person style, shrimps, ‘pescaíto frito’ ‘migas’ … The soups are excellent and varied, as the black soup, the Moorish one or the broth 'colorao'. The ‘gurullos’ and the pot of wheat are other very popular dishes in Almería, always accompanied by the stout wines of the region and by the great variety of desserts of Moslem origin, based on honey and almonds.
AndalusiaThe coasts of Andalusia differ for his thin sands and crystalline waters.
Balearic IslandsIts beautiful landscapes and lovely beaches do of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza one of the most attractive destinations of the Mediterranean.
Region of ValenciaThe Costa Blanca, Valencia and Castellón show the greatness of the Mediterranean landscape, marked by sea and mountains.

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