Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz
Euroseniors gives an exclusive and cared leisure offer at the destination, including optional visits to the most representative places in each island, as well as to its best shows.

Information about the guided tours in destination
Europe Senior Tourism offers a daily entertainment programme at the hotel, with an excellent variety of activities in a very wide range of disciplines, as gymnastics, hiking, aim games included on health programme, cultural walking in surroundings, documentary showing to understand the local culture, dancing classes; live contests for encouraging an interest in participation, handicraft workshops, shows in live, night music... All these activities carried out by professional entertainers at the hotels, during the mornings, evenings and nigths.

Description of entertainment activities
From the border with Portugal, up to the Costa del Sol, in the littoral of Huelva and Cádiz wide beaches of white sand, pinegroves, sports ports and also wild and solitary places spread out. The Coast of Huelva is a reference point of the Spanish littoral. Placed where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea crash, it possesses the longest and beautiful beaches of Spain. Fine sand, intact nature and a deep cultural and historical legacy, do of this land a luxury for the senses. The visitor will feel the rest in his skin, while contemplates the becoming of the waves, the beauty of the coastal peoples or while he observes the tops of Aracena's range and the beaks of Aroche, Ayamonte, Doñana, Lepe or Palos de la Frontera, that are only some of the magic places that the Coast of Huelva offers. If of resting we talk, this is the paradise.
Huelva is a destination that, for its nearness with other places, allows visits of the maximum interest in a short tour. In Jerez, it is very important the equestrian spectacle of the Royal Andalusian School of the Equestrian Art. In Cadiz, its port, the Constitution Square with the Monument to the Spanish Parliament, The Apodaca Boulevard, the Cove, the Castle of San Sebastian and the Cathedral. Evidently, for the lovers of the nature, Doñana is an obliged step: The ecosystems of the park, the marshes, the dunes, the forests of pines and its fauna at liberty. If we have time, it is necessary to come up to Seville to admire The Virgin of La Macarena, the Spain Square, Santa Cruz area, The Maestranza, the Cathedral or the Fortresses. In Huelva, it’s possible to visit ‘El Rocío’ and its Virgin of the 'Blanca Paloma', who congregates, every year, hundreds of thousands of fervent believers.
Two stars illuminate the gastronomic panorama of Huelva: the cured ham and the products of the sea. The ham of Huelva is recognized internationally, and supposes one of the major prides of the land. The fish and seafood, like 'pescaíto frito', the shrimps, the prawns, the cuttlefish or the clams will leave the visitor delighted. Dishes like the ray in paprika or the beans with cuttlefish are excellent. From the pork are obtained multitude of sausages, loin of the first quality or dishes like the stew of offal. Other meats very applauded in the region are the hunt and the bull, which, nowadays, you can take with a wine of the region. The confectionary, with the ‘gañotes’, ‘pestiños’, anise ring-shaped or the ‘torrijas’ is, like in the rest of Andalusia, so forceful as tasty.
AndalusiaThe coasts of Andalusia differ for his thin sands and crystalline waters.
Balearic IslandsIts beautiful landscapes and lovely beaches do of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza one of the most attractive destinations of the Mediterranean.
Region of ValenciaThe Costa Blanca, Valencia and Castellón show the greatness of the Mediterranean landscape, marked by sea and mountains.

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