Euroseniors gives an exclusive and cared leisure offer at the destination, including optional visits to the most representative places in each island, as well as to its best shows.

Information about the guided tours in destination
Europe Senior Tourism offers a daily entertainment programme at the hotel, with an excellent variety of activities in a very wide range of disciplines, as gymnastics, hiking, aim games included on health programme, cultural walking in surroundings, documentary showing to understand the local culture, dancing classes; live contests for encouraging an interest in participation, handicraft workshops, shows in live, night music... All these activities carried out by professional entertainers at the hotels, during the mornings, evenings and nigths.

Description of entertainment activities
Named as the Island of the Wind, Minorca, the most oriental of the Balearic archipelago, has a strong and different personality from the rest of the islands. Splashed with megalithic monuments, it offers many contrasts along its scarcely 700km2. Minorca is known by the virginity of its coasts, for preserving the tradition on its fields and for the beauty of its beaches and coves. Declared Reservation of the Biosphere by the UNESCO in 1993, Minorca hides in every village, in every house and in every span of its coasts, an air of tranquility between a Mediterranean nature perfectly preserved. Called popularly the Island of the Wind for the constancy of the wind blows from the north, Minorca is an ideal destination for resting and to contemplate the purest of the insular landscapes in Spain.
Minorca is a relatively small island and, for this reason, the visits of interest are very close to any point. Thanks to its fantastic conservation, in Minorca the visitor will be able to enjoy a great variety of inducements, beginning with the traditional Minorca, which includes a visit to Subaida's estate, the fantastic panoramic view of Addaia and Macaret and a tour around the Museum Binisues. The authentic Minorca hides magic and very popular places such as Mount Bull, Xoroi’s Cave and the beach of Sound Bou. A nice way of knowing Minorca is going around the island, visiting Favaritx's Cape, Punta-Prima, Binibeca, Es Mercadal and Ciutadella. Other points of interest are the protected and singular Port of Mahón, Ciutadella and the Albufera, passing by Fornells and its charming fishing traditional port.
Minorca possesses a gastronomic offer of first order thanks to the wealth of its waters and the exquisiteness of the products of the field. The cheeses stand out with guarantee of origin Mahó, sausages, fish and, especially, the famous lobster and the popular mayonnaise. Undoubtedly, the best of the Minorcan dishes is the ‘caldereta’, done with the best products of the sea and that transmits flavours and aromas that only are obtained in Minorca. It is an authentic luxury for the palate. From the period of English domination, a curious product remains, the Minorcan gin, very estimated between the local population and in the rest of the archipelago.
AndalusiaThe coasts of Andalusia differ for his thin sands and crystalline waters.
Balearic IslandsIts beautiful landscapes and lovely beaches do of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza one of the most attractive destinations of the Mediterranean.
Region of ValenciaThe Costa Blanca, Valencia and Castellón show the greatness of the Mediterranean landscape, marked by sea and mountains.

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